Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thoughs on clothes swapping.

Tonight we  (WEN the women's environmental network ) The Crediton bit anyway held a clothes swap. I thought I would just say how great an opportunity it was to get together with other women, make an evening of drinks and nibbles, chat and laughter.
I had a number of clothes to swap, I thought it was about time to rid myself of all those items that I thought I might one day fit t into again, lets face it, it's not going to happen, so swapping seemed better than simply handing it over to a Charity shop.
I discussed with a friend how liberating it felt to give clothes away that held emotional baggage. That it was good to feel renewed giving to others.
I also felt that this was a great opportunity to add to my wardrobe some lacking items such a s trousers. Joining in the seamless challenge so no buying new meant this was a great opportunity.

Then the darker side of swapping hit me when everyone had gone home and I was looking through my new pile of clothes, yeas quite a pile. Four pair of trousers, seven T shirts, Two cardigans, two pair of shorts and a bikini top . This is where my hoarding takes over the need for quantity rather than quality has hold!!! AAAArgh, is clothes swapping good for me ask? Well if I find I am not wearing the new items I will be handing them over to a bigger clothes event in March. But it does make me wonder a little about what is my style, what do I need, how many pair of trousers do I really want?It's not that I disagree with the cause or the objective of swapping, maybe I just can not trust myself.