Sunday 15 January 2012

Thoughs on clothes swapping.

Tonight we  (WEN the women's environmental network ) The Crediton bit anyway held a clothes swap. I thought I would just say how great an opportunity it was to get together with other women, make an evening of drinks and nibbles, chat and laughter.
I had a number of clothes to swap, I thought it was about time to rid myself of all those items that I thought I might one day fit t into again, lets face it, it's not going to happen, so swapping seemed better than simply handing it over to a Charity shop.
I discussed with a friend how liberating it felt to give clothes away that held emotional baggage. That it was good to feel renewed giving to others.
I also felt that this was a great opportunity to add to my wardrobe some lacking items such a s trousers. Joining in the seamless challenge so no buying new meant this was a great opportunity.

Then the darker side of swapping hit me when everyone had gone home and I was looking through my new pile of clothes, yeas quite a pile. Four pair of trousers, seven T shirts, Two cardigans, two pair of shorts and a bikini top . This is where my hoarding takes over the need for quantity rather than quality has hold!!! AAAArgh, is clothes swapping good for me ask? Well if I find I am not wearing the new items I will be handing them over to a bigger clothes event in March. But it does make me wonder a little about what is my style, what do I need, how many pair of trousers do I really want?It's not that I disagree with the cause or the objective of swapping, maybe I just can not trust myself.


  1. Charolette, the swap really sounds fun..Getting with the other ladies and having a fun get together.
    I so understand your thoughts though, on the having soooo much.. I think we all have this problem.ha. But you know what? You did rid your closet of items ,you could no longer use, and just think of the ladies who will get great use from them.
    Have fun..I think you are doing a great job on using what you have .

  2. Hey hun... Question to ask yourself is what do you want to get from each event and even making a mood board and concentrate in getting one or two item from the board...or concentrate on good quality fabrics that you can refashion to yours taste... Ipersonaly I love the idea but is not for me.. Is hard to get clothes that will fit to my body and style and I feel I would get upset...

  3. I love clothes swapping! I do it about twice a year with my friends, I think it's a great opportunity to see loved-but-not-fitting-anymore clothes go to people who appreciate them before donating them, and it's nice to occasionally try out a different style. Usually, I find a couple of garments that I love and some that I find I don't wear at all, and those I can swap along the next time around or donate, so all's good...

  4. I have never tried this concept, and actually haven't heard of it locally in Brisbane (???) The actual night would be a blast, giggling away at each others 'rejects in life'. That I think is half the fun...

  5. I clothes swap with a girlfriend of mine. I'm in St louis and she's in new york s we do it through the mail. We are both vintage loving moms so she sends kids clothes to me for my babies and I send vintage clothes for her new vintage wardrobe. It's been really fun!! It's great to get rid of stuff I don't need in exchange for things that I do need and I feel good helping a fellow vintage lover. I do always worry about weather or not she will like the things I send and if they will fit her but so far, so good!! :)

  6. It was lovely, and I we all had a great time and a bag of clothes too! I'm thinking maybe a book swap next time. Thankyou for taking the time to comment.