Thursday, 5 January 2012

To do lists for 2012.

Well Happy New Year to you all. I have been pondering on this post or rather my intentions for 2012 since, well it seems along time!!

There are lots of I will promise to do this and I will be the perfect seamstress is I master that, to be honest my ideas are to random and I want it all, so I'm not planning to hold myself back this year. I thought of 2011 as a rebirth to my creativity and my first year in dressmaking, so 2012, I want more.

I would like myself to be just creative in everything I do :

  • dressmaking, lots for me, a shirt for MrPB and maybe something for the toddler.
  • around the home, new curtains, place mats, quilts to be finished
  • I would like to try scrapbooking, inspired by this months Molly Makes
  • Work in groups/ communities/ charities
  • make more accessories, I got the chic on a shoe string for xmas and it's very inspiring
  • join in sew along's and such likes, I find them immensely fun
  • knit one garment using a pattern
  • refall in love with my garden
  • do more yoga
I am attempting two big projects in Jan.

  1.  The Sew Active project, I plan to do more yoga but more importantly to my wardrobe I am tackling a very big issue in my life. I am planning to cut back my working hours which will in turn enable me to cycle more, and use the car less! This is a very big mission as I live in Devon and there are hills everywhere and I'm not that fit yet. I also want to look good doing it and stick to the self stitched year.
  2. I am also starting to put together a quilt. This quilt was started to get my village together, everyone got a square and could decorate it there own way, only now I have to make it up!!

So alot to do already with a for ever growing list as I am just so excited about getting the opportunity to do so many things!!

So whats your first for the year?