Tuesday 4 September 2012

Busy times

Well have to start off by saying I have done very little crafting, I think you will see why! Yes my friends some very busy times. And realisation that my boys are growing up FAST.  As you may know I have four lovely boys and their lives are changing.

 Arthur is now 3 and with me starting a job he will be attending a local pre school. This is a big change for us as I have been at home with him for all his life.

Callum is officially a teenager and moving onto higher Queen Elizabeth's which is our local secondary school, at the end of this year he will be choosing his GCSEs!

A big change for Liam, he has just got his GCSE results. We are so proud of him for passing (nearly) everything. He will be moving up to 6th form to start his A levels.

Finally the biggest change (or so it seems when it happens to your first child) Luke has turned 18. He is the youngest of his school year and feels he has finally caught up. I personally can not believe it! To make it more of an achievement he has passed his College course and will be going to Bristol University.

I am such a proud Mum, I love them all.


  1. Happy Birthday to your eldest Charlotte, 18 is such a special milestone :) I hope all of your new beginnings are good! xx

  2. Happy Days for all of you! Congrats to your family!

  3. Charlotte, what a beautiful family.. wow.. can't believe your oldest is having his 18th birthday [my don't look much over 18,ha].. Good luck to him in his upcoming college work.. Know you are so proud of each of them..
    My baby is fixing to turn 36 [ I started out young,lol]..
    Good luck on your job.

  4. How wonderful to see all these great changes. I hope all goes smoothly!