Monday 2 July 2012

Yummym scrummy sunny things.

Last week we had a brief moment of summer where the sun came out and we started with really seasonal food. It was wonderful! Can you tell I'm mourning this moment on another wet and gloomy Monday morning. So I thought I would share with you my joy of last week.

The wonders of strawberry picking! We have this pudding once a year it is amazing!

Elderflower cordial. This is super easy. Pick about 30 heads of elder flower put them in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave to cool then strain, add sugar 900g to every liter of liquid. Heat up strain again put in container. I keep one in the frige and the others in the freezer to stay fresh until needed.

Strawberry jam, is just great with butter and bread Mmmm. have equal weight of fruit to sugar. Put sugar over te strawberries and leave over night until tey have soaked in. Then boil up and put in jars.

A new favourite for us from the Hugh Boo Veg. Pea and parsley soup. Frozen peas aloud, yay. Heat onion with thyme. Then add 500g of peas with handfuls of parsley. Add stock, heat and whizz.

Finally and summer veg and goats cheese fritta, I could eat this every single day. Any mix of summer veg and a few potatoes. we love broccoli and asparagus and peas. The goats cheese to. cover in egg and pop in a hot over until firm.

Can you tell our lives seem to be arranged around what we are eating?


  1. Each one looks utterly scrumptious! I'm definitely copying your instructions for making an elderflower cordial for future reference. The blossoms have started to disappear here, but maybe I can scrounge enough together to try out your recipe.

  2. Okay Charlotte, I want to come and live at your house and just EAT! Love the look of all those dishes. I have the Hugh veg book and haven't made anything from it yet, must drag and it out and try some recipes. x

  3. Yummy,yummy.. All of it sounds fantstic... Strawberries are my favorite fruit..

  4. Oh my god ! This all looks delicious. You live in Devon dont you ? hmmmm so do I !! lol ! :-) xx

  5. I've just had my lunch and seeing all these scrummy treats has made me I'm hungry again! I am definitely going to try and hunt down some elderflower heads as that cordial sounds delicious and much less dangerous than the elder champagne I made a few years ago - one sip and I was completely squiffy:) xx