Monday 2 April 2012

The Vintage Tea Party Book.

I adore vintage so this was a must have just because of the front cover! The art work is just wonderful, if not magical with it's animals and old style all mixed up to create a rather special tea party!

The tea parties themselves are in chapters breakfast, afternoon tea, and evening. Even including how to make invitations and not to forget the thank yous!

Initially at glance I thought the food looked fun and nice to look at in a book but pro bally not something I would ever really attempt. Reading more I was inspired more that I now have a few favourites that I like to use. The easiest being the heart cream cheese and cucumber hearts.

Amongst all that party food for grown ups, oh and drinks I really loved the crafts ideas. Flags and hats, anyone who like to make an effort or a bit a show even, this is the perfect book to inspire an essence of fun, food, crafts and that a touch of English eccentrics . I think you would like this book, I did.


  1. I have that book too, it's lovely! Gorgeous to look through. I've made the baked grapefruit from it, and the rose petal sandwiches - both very tasty. Let us know what you make, and how it turns out! :-)

  2. The front of the book is beautiful.. It is enough to sale the book right there,ha.
    I love the idea of tea parties..You know here in Ms.[USA], We dont drink hot tea, we drink ice tea.. but oh how exciting it is to me, to think about your tea parties.. I love reading all about it on the internet and in books..

  3. Ooh tea parties, so fancy :) I'll have to keep an eye out for that book, looks great! xx

  4. Those pictures look very pretty! The idea of going to a tea party with those fancy treats and wearing a tea dress sounds like great fun!

  5. Maybe we should have an international tea party? Everyone can join in, wear a tea dress eat scones and cakes, wouldn't it be fun ?

  6. Any idea fron Alice wonderland tea style ? I'm thinking it for my birthday ...

  7. oh Rachel defantly have a look at this book. I think of a big table with flowers and lots of tea pots when I think of Alice.

  8. I love Alice and wonderland, this is why I had a party last year with some friends of mine, it was surely a massive hit, we had lots of cakes, and silly games. Everyone had come dressed surprisingly well, that it felt like we were in wonderland.
    This year I am doing a vintage tea party for my friends. I own this book, so have flicked through it excited at which to make first, although a lot of the dishes look less appetizing and much more difficult. To reply to House of Pinheiro, there is a very similar book for Alice in wonderland, by the a different author but looks very similar. I looked through it after I had my Alice tea party and was disappointed I had not purchased it earlier. It has arts crafts and other cool ideas in it. It has invitation templates etc. Good luck! It's called Everything Alice, which you can purchase off Amazon cheaply.