Wednesday 25 April 2012

Cross stitch anyone?

I do like to try all sorts of crafts, idle hands and all that! So lucky me at the craft and stitch show I was able to snap up three copies of the latest Cross stitch magazine. So firstly I have done a little cross stitch before, a very long time ago though we are talking decades her, but this is what I managed :

The pictures area bit rubbish as they are in frames, but they are quilt samples. So being excited by this sort of new craft no better way to start than with a freebee gift.

I'm pleased with the outcome. Doing this was was harder than I remember, I hated the counting, so cheated and drew the picture and filled in the gaps, it was then that I started to relax and enjoy. It has shown me how time consuming the larger samplers would be, but nice to curl up on the sofa with a little something to do.

So the Cross stitch magazine, what did I think? Well it's great, so many styles and funky little projects. It was bright, happy, cross stitch for all levels.

So here are a few of my favorites from the latest copy. The top two are large patterns, but there are also smaller projects too.

Yes an inspiring magazine, although I think three copies will be enough for me as I will have so many patterns from them and I just don't get the chance to do it enough. But I did have fun and would like to work on a larger project through the winter.

Does any one else do cross stitch? have any patterns, books, magazines, or websites to recommend?


  1. I don't have much patience for cross stitch although i love how it looks.

  2. Lovely Charlotte, I really like the look of cross stitched pictures too, but yep so much counting lol! I can manage small ones :) Hubby's Dad was really good at cross stitch, strange for a man, but his pictures were great, like photos some of them! I might have a go in the future. It's a good one for building patience :) xx

  3. These are so pretty.. I use to cross stitch alot..[this was probably 30 yrs ago.ha, My first Respiratory Therepy job at the hospital, It was a small hospital
    and we had alot of down time.. So the girls I worked with taught me to cross stitch.. We spent alot of hours cross stitching ,[night sift] and building friendships and laughs. thankyou for sharing .. It was nice to remember back.
    I no longer cross stitch..but I taught my grandaughter and gave her all my cross stitch stuff.She loves it.
    ps I have to share this with you.We still have a 16 in x 24 in cross stitch picture that I did for Kenny and had framed. It is a beautiful buck deer.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... all the counting and brown threads..It was a nightmare, It took me 1 1/2 yrs to complete. I did it for Kennys birthday.

  4. Lovely crossstitch. I am too impatient to do any, and too bad at counting! I like embroidery though. I wonder if you can see any modern cross stitch patterns for sale on etsy? I found some space invaders and pokemon knitting charts on ravelry a while ago which I am using to knit my son a scarf and I guess you c.uld use them for cross stitch too? Could you?

  5. I do cross stitch very occasionnally and I like the urban cross stitch movement but I don't really get much done .... too busy. Yours is great thought and the patterns are very inspiring x

  6. I was given a subscription to this magazine Christmas before last and I love it. I like the smaller projects or 'quick hits' as I think of them but love the look of the larger projects but haven't got up the nerve to make any yet!

  7. Oooh they are lovely! I can totally sympathise with the counting part its what put me off cross stitch all those years ago, though I'm really impressed with that magazine, the patterns are much more interesting than the used to be, almost make me want to have another go:) x

  8. there seems to be an over all patience problem with cross stitch.
    Those that do take part seem to like the new chirpy pattern, I will have a look out for Urban cross stitch too. But I'm sure those picture style knitting patterns could work.
    Mimi I remember your lovely hand made buttons you made!