Sunday 25 March 2012

Community Quilt Project.

This post has been a long time coming! About a year in fact, when I started blogging I was so impressed by the support and creativity in this community I was inspired to do more. Here was the birth of a community quilt project. I gave everyone young, old, male, female, stitchers, non stitchers a blank square. All you had to do was decorate it.

After some time I got the square back and I have made a village quilt that is to have it's home in the village hall. A place that needs lots of love and making pretty, a perfect place then.

So today we hung the quilt and invited everyone along for tea and cake. So here is a our final quilt.

This Arthur's square he was the youngest (he had a little help)

These where my two squares

Plenty of tea and cake to go round!

We also used the village hall along side two lovely ladies that ran an event called Super Soup. For a donation to Christian aid you could some truely wonderful soups and home made bread.

All the hard work of making the quilt was really worth the lovely day  sitting around having soup then tea and cake. Villagers just dropping by for lunch and to see their square in the quilt, a really relaxed time but a real sense of community. I just love bringing like minded people together for crafts or food music whatever it just feels so great ( after all the worry of will any come or want to take part goes!)

I think I will really strive to work in groups more often.

PS a litle sneak preview of my OPOW!


  1. what a great idea nd safe keep.. and what fun top.. Sorbetto?? love it !

  2. I'm really glad that the quilt came together well, it's such a good project to bring the community together! Well done you! Love the pose at the end!

  3. What a lovely event! The quilt turned out beautifully!

  4. What a wonderful quilt. I know you feel so wonderful to be a part of this project.

  5. What a wonderful quilt! How great that everyone joined in too, I love all your quilt blocks especially Arthur's:) and eating yummy soup for a good cause sounds like a fabulous idea!! x