Saturday 3 March 2012

Celebrating our hands.

Josie from hand made and happy had this wonderful idea, photographing each day on how we use our hands. Basically everything, so lets celebrate! Josie said this on her blog:

Why hands, you may wonder?  Well, virtually every activity I do each day involves my hands – cleaning, cooking, sewing, writing, playing with the children, gardening, photography itself, tidying up around the house … everything that my day to day rhythm involves … and yours too, I’ll bet.
And in thinking how amazing our hands are, how expressive they can be, I thought it would be great to celebrate them.  Sometimes they’re kind, gentle and delicate in their actions and at other times firm and strong.  Our lives truly are hand-made, aren’t they?
Starting on Thursday 1st March, I’ll share with you an image each day celebrating this hand-made life.

Such a great idea, and it is truly brilliant for me as I wanted to improve my photography skills, no better way than taking photos each day!

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