Tuesday 10 January 2012

Come on and sew along.

Just my kind of sewing fun! The lovely Sarah and Erin have been conspiring for all of us to have the best time ever this year, yes the first sew along marathon!   The plan is to use that book, yes the one that everyone has got, did I mention I got it for Christmas ( only 100 times!) Colette handbook.

I love the idea too, start at the beginning and work our way through it. If you have the book you have probably have been intending to do this anyway, but now we can do it together!

There will a flickr group to! So what you waiting for?

PS. I have written a guest post on Rachel's blog today, if you want to have a little look ?

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  1. Just discovered your site, via Rachel's.
    Off to have a peek around your site...