Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Very Smart Mrs!

Well the autumn wardrobe is coming along nicely thank you. I feel that with a pair of trousers made up I am well on my way to having a me made autumn. So the low down!

A smart pair of trousers A first for me, pattern from the Burda Style magazine.

So I would like to say as a novice dressmaker Burda style is hard work, finding the pattern and having very little instructions means that tackling new aspects of sewing is pushing my skills to the limit. I have made life easier for myself though by not doing anything too complicated or that I could get away with, it is easier to try new skills with other patterns as the have cut peaces, written instructions and diagrams. Therefore no pockets for me, which I am pleased with because I would have ruined the outer line!

Although I did try for the first time a zipper with flap thing. As you can see it's not all perfect here.

At least I remembered the pleats at the back (I did somehow manage to forget them at the front). To finish off I am rather pleased, they are comfortable and I do love love love a woolen pair of trousers through the winter, oh and I lined them too!!
Finally I will be using these for the Sew Weekly challenge this week as I will never manage to finish or even start something from the Burda book. Who else will be taking part this week?