Wednesday, 13 April 2011

DRESSMAKING shirt dress no.1.


I am so pleased to say that the first of my three shirt dresses is made.
 This has been quiet a new venture for me, the first collar I've made, well aren't they clever and so am I for having managed it! I am really pleased with the end result too, I'm planning to wear it out in just two days time.
Being a little more self critical I have noticed the interfacing needs a little tacking into place, plus the right type of belt may help so I don't look like a sack of potato's, also I shortened the pattern, maybe a little to much!?!
 Other things I like about it is when I have added the little belt, it looks like a pencil skirt (which is on my wish list to make one day), also the fabric reminds me of more vintage home front style. Plus I can dress it down and wear it more casually by taking off the belt and wearing it with a long sleeve t. shirt underneath and leggings. How versatile!!