Saturday 17 December 2011

I hate my Christmas dress!

Well you should already know where I stand with this new dress, yes I hate it! I thought after a few Burda patterns which challenge my use of patterns a nice easy floaty Christmas dress would do the trick. WRONG!! OK, I chose this pattern :

I thought the little capt sleeves would be cute, after sevral efforts and resorting to the longer sleeves, third time lucky I got a pair. I made it up in bust38, so generous are the sizing's that I had to keep hacking away at all the excess. Well here we go

The neck line is stupidly big for me along with the big sleeves just looks silly. I thought the dress would look floaty but it's a bag! I have been trying to make it work that the pattern on the fabric is making me dizzy.
What am I going to do? I really will not wear this is this state and hate it so much that I don't even want to try to do anything else with it!

Do you love everything you make, how many big disasters have you made and what happens to them?


  1. OK, I am definitely not a fan of everything I make. When I really hate something with a fiery passion, my next step is to make a belt to go with it. It adds definition to the waist and becomes the focal point of the outfit. I would suggest either a skinny fabric belt or a wide belt in a contrasting color to make it more tunic-ish and draw the eye away from the neckline. And then possibly add some tights and some boots and you may have an ensemble you could live with. I've done this before on several dresses - and then I learn to love it!

  2. Poor you!
    If it was mine i would pop a teeny ruffle of white around the inside of the neckline so it just peeps out about 1cm! I think the neckline suits you by the way!
    I would get rid of the length of those sleeves (I call that Marks and Spencer length...) by cutting them upwards starting at 2" at the underarm seam sloping upwards, making them younger!
    Plus, Im always drawn to pull on patterns for speed of making up BUT they always end up unflattering and baggy. Id go for a belt too! Or preferably if any extra fabric left a pair of 2" wide ties fixed at the side seams which can be tied at the back. Probably fixed at the empire line under the bust, which you have! There! Ive had my pennysworth! I like the print you chose, it looks like retro snowflakes, quite magic!!! Ren xx
    p.s. sewing disasters end up in the attic...

  3. Oh dear..i think a plea could reduce the neck. I would also cut sleeve by half...and love the belt idea....


  4. Oh no! Sorry you're not having fun with sewing! Like Meg said, a belt works wonders and is quick! If you don't fancy cutting down the sleeves, as an alternative why don't you sew some elastic up the middle of them from the centre of your shoulder to the hem of the sleeve so it ruffles up? As for the fit if you want some more work, put some darts in and a zip so it's more fitted. There, you've got lots of choices now from the four of us!

    Love the fabric by the way, and the grumpy as hell look you're sporting! ;) hehe!

  5. Hi Charolette,
    I am so sorry your Christmas dress has been so discouraging. and yes..I have done many things that " Ijust didnt like".Some get redone and works.But that occasional one, that I just to the garbage-- to forget it
    I must say, I love this fabric, and the pattern is really cute.. I agree with the other girls, probably add a belt. And I like the idea of adding a little white
    maybe sparkly fabric] underneath the neckline to peep out.. I think , it might surprise you , and you start 'LOVING it"..But.....if it doesnt ,dont stress over it.. Forget it and go to the next project!!!
    Hope it works for you..because I really like it,myself.

  6. I'm with the others with the belt idea! I'd try a wide one. :)
    I'm not in love with all the garments I make, although I think I've only had one that I really hate. At the moment, it's wadded together in the linen closet at my parents' house... :D