Sunday 20 November 2011

Yoga Happy.

I may or I may not have mentioned that I am a real yoga fan, I just love the way those stretches and bends can relax, invigorate, and generally give well being. I attend a class every week and recently I have wanted to up my yoga game, increase my knowledge and have that "ummmm" feeling with inner smile everyday. I am trying to practice at home at least three times more a week! So being a girl it's very important to look good and have the right clothing, so self stitched yoga top of joy!

I really need to make this top for another reason to, I have made two items form the Burda Style which I find challenging, so I wanted a really easy quick to make up number. So here we are, this top only has four parts of the pattern and took a speedy couple of hours to make.

It's rather bright and crazy for me, but I love it. Another little reason for having a quick to make number was to be able to take part in this weeks Sew Weekly challenge, of play it again, revisiting previously made items. So for the keen eyed ones out there, yes this top is the same pattern form my first autumn top.

I love this top, but..... I really wanted to make it up the flowery brushed cotton, therefore ignoring the stretched knits guide lines! This top I do wear a lot in fact it's starting to go bobbly but not being stretched it has a tendency to be rather static around the chest and not much arm allowance. So having another go I made this new top from Jersey cotton which is soft and warm and drapes and moves beautifully. I also lengthened the sleeves for my own personal preference.

I am also adding this to the Sew and Tell over at sew country chick


  1. I need to make some Pilates top and this is such a lovely pattern... Did u had to make a bit bigger for the movements or the patern have the right ease?

  2. such a cute top. Love this pattern.. and your fabric is adorable.. Happy sewing.

  3. Those are both such cute tops. Thanks for the nudge to go back to my yoga class. :-)

  4. I miss doing yoga too. Its great to make your own yoga clothes because they can be so expensive. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I like the blue and white print: very calming ;0)