Wednesday 17 August 2011

Rag Rose

I have mentioned that I felt rather inspired at the Crossiant Neuf Summer Party, the loveliest little festival in Wales. Well this is my creation, rag rose brooch, what do you think?
Maybe I should add some to my Etsy store Sew Excited or take a few along to Crediton community market that I'm thinking of going to in Sept.


  1. its really pretty! I definitely think you should try selling them!

  2. Definitely try selling them! Also, what is the community Market in crediton?! Are you definitely having a stall? If you're interested maybe we could share one?

    Charlotte (from Etsy!) x

  3. Definately, they are really unique, and would great on anyone or anything :) x

  4. Charolette..this is so cute..Bet they will sell good..

  5. I love these - they are so sweet. My neighbour has one and I covet it everytime she wears it!! Yes I think you should make some for your shop.