Wednesday 27 April 2011

DRESSMAKING summer days

As some of you may of seen in an earlier post, I had a plan/ list for this summer. I am feeling that I am making some head way with it now. Having completed one shirt dress, and a skirt I must say I am feeling pleased with my second pair of trousers.
Now the pattern my most used at the moment, it is all super super easy but I just love the comfortable wearable 'ness, about it!
The fabric, is lovely too, it looks like  a really light weight denim, but its not, although still feels nice, it's best bit thought is the red pin stripe!

Before you ask, no I didn't make the top, I am queen of the clothes swap and this is one from my collection.
We had a lovely time taking photos I felt like a true model, we where at Arlington Court a National Trust property in Devon, it was beautiful along with our lovely sunny days!
PS. If you are a Sew Weekly fan, this is a little sneek preview to the London Meet outfit.


  1. Charlotte - you are amazing!! I love these pants, and the shirt dress you have done ..... your sewing machine must be smoking!!! I think I need the pattern you are using - I'm off to scroll back through your blog to find it!

  2. Love the pants, Charlotte! They look fantastic. Have a fabulous time at the London Meet Up!!