Sunday 25 January 2015

First crafty plans of 2015 and a pile of free yoga.

we are all well into 2015, I personally have found it a slow start this year but I have finally made a few exciting plans. Without giving to much away I thought I would show you the most loveliest piece of fabric, isn't she lovely. My plans are simple so I know I will actually finish them. So watch this space.

Secondly I wanted to share a real find. As you may remember I do love my yoga, and getting a chance to practice at home and finding a class online that you like isn't always that easy, or cheap. But look at this, 30 days of yoga, free, suitable for all levels, fun, not too long. I recommend giving it a go, you may surprise yourself!


  1. What beautiful fabric..Can not wait to see what you will make/ Happy sewing.
    Enjoy your yoga..

  2. Lovely fabric...I am curious to see what you are making. The yoga looks good too. :) I have a back complaint and was told not to do yoga...shame cos I would like to xx

  3. Great fabric! Looking forward to seeing what you're making with it. Thanks for the yoga link. I'm going I missy yoga class the next 2 Saturday's so maybe I'll give this a go instead.

    1. good luck with the yoga, I really enjoyed it. It keeps me sane