Sunday 18 January 2015

Creativity Full Circle

With my burst back onto the blogging scene at the beginning of the month has me following up with a full dose of January blues! A  week of illness has made me think and think some more and quiet frankly I need to perk up and get on with it all.

I have come to realize that my making life seems to have come full circle. As a child I was encouraged to make, we made presents and creativity was high on my list. I moved onto making things for my home, gardening and lots of other interests. I found a love for dressmaking, and that was when I started blogging, such a community and vibrant people with such cool ideas.

As you know I haven't been so committed to dressmaking. I still love it and feel inspired by others but I rarely have time and I don't need a continuing growing wardrobe.

So here we have it full circle, I have so missed my time to be creative that I have pledged to make all greeting cards and presents for my friends and family this year. Gifts that I can enjoy making without cluttering my own home! 

What are your plans this year?

Just to prove my making days are not over here is my lovely warm cowl I made over Christmas!


  1. Love your cowl.. SO pretty..
    Best wishes on your gift making and being creative. Doing what you love what is important..
    Have missed you.. I too, have not sewed very much for me, this past year.. Just didn't need it,
    and had other projects...
    Have a great weekend..

  2. Ooh that cowl looks lovely & cosy! That's a great idea to make gifts if you don't feel you want/need anything yourself. I need to make new clothes as my body has changed a bit since having a baby, as have my clothing requirements! Just need to find the time now!