Wednesday 7 March 2012

It wasn't a straw that broke the camels back!

No it wasn't a straw that broke the camels back it was a knitting needle! I have been working on my first ever follow a pattern item of clothing. Knitting doesn't come easily and I have really wanted to improve, master  it, at least make one thing wearable that wasn't a square. I finished my waistcoat to find one side is longer than the other and that I could have made it several sizes smaller.

Why did it break the camels back, well I'm not one for a big moan I like to try to stay positive but sometimes it's hard. After all the effort! This has also been a realisation of how I push myself to do so so much, this was it. I had a little cry to MrPB who works away from home at the moment.

It's such a shame, such lovely knitting,such lovely colours!

I woke up thinking that I may improve the situation, a belt generally cures all ills!

It's ok, I suppose, I feel like a medieval man done up like a sack of potatoes!!

Lets hope some rest and maybe a make that is more successful may cheer me up.


  1. Oh Charlotte,
    I am so sorry, I know it is so frustrating to work hours on something and this happens.
    [I would love to learn to knit, but it is too time consumming and I am scared of it,ha].
    I love the sweater, the colors are beautiful. And I think the belt looks very pretty with it, and I can't tell it is longer on one side.
    Hope once you slept on it, it feels better to you. And turns into a very wearable sweater..
    You did a wonderful job!!!!

  2. Aww, I hate it when stuff like that happens! And in a knit garment, too! I won't even ask how many hours you spent on that (I've been knitting on the second of a pair of fingerless gloves for two weeks...).

    Hope tomorrow turns out less frustrating. :)

  3. Aww my commiserations! It's definitely the hardest part of being creative, when your things don't turn out as planned! But just think of it as lots of great knitting practice and focus on all the things you've learned :)