Wednesday 7 March 2012

Celebrating our hands 7/31.

More celebrating! Today I continue the theme of Arthurs little hands. I wanted to get his little fingers gripping toy blocks but he moves to fast. So today I have a collection of photos!

thankyou to Josie from for hosting this I am really enjoying myself.


  1. Oh I can relate to this only too well - the hours I've spent trying to photograph the children 'in action' and they always move and make the photo blurry! But I say a bit of blur can be good - let's embrace the evidence of movement :-)
    I do love your fingerless gloves too!

  2. sweet... Nothing like the sweet hands of our babies..
    I would love to see a set of hands[grandma, mama, daughter,and grandaughter] .Wouldnt that be fun..

  3. :) I really like your hands project so far.