Friday 6 May 2011

VEG PATCH April update

Wow what can I say, April was an amazing month here in the UK. We had unusually good sunny weather which bought all those plants along in the greenhouse. Although sun comes at a price, a lack of rain!
I read a really interesting article about Cuba and how they have to produce all their own food, they are truly inspirational, no space is left. So I have made it my mission to create one new planting space each year.

Such an amazing space that was just free for those weeds to grow, well done Simon for all your hard work, I will make you something lovely when we harvest from our new patch.
Another love of mine is gardeners that manage to mix plant flowers, herbs and veg all bursting out together. For once I have managed a little space for herbs and French beans to grow together.

Finally a few more photos to show everything is starting to really grow, it's just amazing, each year it just takes my breath away, nature is such a wonder!

The only frustrating thing is those birds!! Yes as much as I love them I hate them to, they peck away at everything, a battle has commenced on my veg patch!


  1. I wish my garden was that organised - started on the weeds in mine this weekend ...

  2. What beautiful upcoming gardens you have... The soil looks so wonderful..
    we finally got our vegtable garden planted..It has rained/stormed here so much.We could not get into the garden to plant it.. so we have tomoatoe plants showing and seeds in the ground..Hopefully, before plants poking up .

  3. I see now your interest in sewing, gardening and land girls also. Your garden looks great. I like your use of tires as planters. I have been posting about my garden on my blog as well. Your peas look much better than mine. Slugs are the culprits in my garden.