Wednesday 4 May 2011

THRIFTING in the kitchen.

I am in love! I have confessed all over the place that I am a lover of the 70s, this is true, as I am in love with Hornsea kitchenware straight from the 70s! I started collecting it last year but luckily in my local boot fair I have picked up two boxes full, so my collection is looking rather good and usable everyday for the whole family.

Yes it's brown and flowery, fantastic!
It's a really hard stoneware so should last forever, the most exciting is that I have reclaimed its life for another generation, now to look out for some more cups and saucers and maybe a tea pot.


  1. I've seen that stuff...I'll keep my eye out for cups and saucers and a tea pot for you then!

  2. Awesome!! You have a fabulous collection!

  3. Wow, it's a really fun collection! Love the pattern and color! ! I just started collecting a ling called Fabrik, it too is from the 70s but my collection is tiny...

  4. Your collection is amazing! Yay for the 1970s!