Tuesday 29 March 2011

DRESSMAKING green fingers dress

With my new stash of fabric from the boot fair, and job lot of patterns from ebay I was ready to start on a new project. Although the pattern looks some what strange with the pattern on the dress overall I thought it looked rather cute, just right for a gardening outfit, I just loved the head scarf too!

 This was my first old style pattern, no markings on the paper and basic instructions. I really enjoyed making this dress. I managed my first ever zip as well (50p from a charity shop)
In the end I felt a little sad because the button holes don;t match as well as I would have liked, and the arm holes are a little tight but because I love this dress so much and can imagine wearing it all summer long I will persevere with it and get it right!
The buttons to came from a boot fair too. All in all the dress only cost £4 to make including the pattern.

1 comment:

  1. As I have already told you Charolette..I absolutely love this pattern.. the dress is too cute.. and looks great on you..
    will you be doing more for the summer weather?? Looks comfortable for hot summer days..
    [just looks like you need a cool glass of lemonade and a lounge chair,ha]