Monday, 10 September 2012

Refuge blanket completed.

I have been working steadily for a few months and I have finally finished my blanket. As you will know I do not really consider myself a knitter, scarfs and squares are about my limit, although I do dream!

So here we are a finished item! I chose a nice bright but not trashy pink and a neutral cream. I am pleased with the combination.

Each blanket had to be a certain size as I was making it for the refuge, a campaign by the knitter magazine against domestic violence. Si you can download a great booklet for Fancy squares and leave a donation, or you can make blankets or little knotted teddies instead. Follow the link and see loads of updates and great examples of other peoples work

I really enjoyed this project and hope to get my blanket bagged up and in the post this week. There is something really satisfying making something for other be it home made presents or a charity event. Lets do it more often. x x x