Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New season new sewing boundaries

So for the last two years I have tried to make my own wardrobe. I have enjoyed, been frustrated, learnt new skills and had great fun and opened my mind. Now I find I struggle with that obsession to keep producing, I have enough don't I? Or don't have the right things and the right amount of time to do Justice to clothing.

We have all made our clothing for many different reasons, all as valid as the next. I personally feel that I need a little tip toe away from the sewing machine! Don't get me wrong I'm not giving up, my life is changing at the moment and we all have to set our own boundaries. I am starting a new job in September and a access course so sewing time will be minimal. Also spare time may also need to be a touch more relaxing.

So what do I have planned? Well you may step back in horror but I have ordered myself a pile of everyday stuff to see my through the autumn and winter. I plan to make just one or two garments this season, something with this lovely knit

and then this that has long been on the to do list.

I will really look forward to smaller scale dressmaking, and I am also looking forward to the cosy nights on the sofa with a little hand sewing or knitting. I have a love for quilts that I think I am about to rekindle the love affair!
So what are you plans for the autumn?