Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Stiff upper lip and all that jazz.

I would like to think I'm a glass half full kinda girl but as a family we are certainly up against it at the moment. I felt unsure about airing my dirty laundry her on my blog but I also feel that I like to be honest and I am certainly not as consistent in mt blogging at the moment
If you don't wish to listen to my prattling on then I am certainly not offended and off you go to a cheerier blog.
Hard times for the Powell - Brooks family, things do not seem to be going to plan! I was happy in the knowledge that Arthur would be attending pre school and I would have time to realise my potential. Plans don't go to plan though do they, after my lightning strike moment, I want to return to college then off to uni as a mature student and train to be a physio, life has other plans.
Mr PB's job which sadly is working away from home has simply come to an end, and although we are happy to have him home there is no electrical work in Devon. To add to the pressure I have just ended my childminding.  Sounds great doesn't it, oh doom and gloom!
Not to let it get me down I have started to look for work myself, which is hard work in itself. Being somewhat consumed by our job searching I am finding it hard to be creatively  motivated. I feel that it's important to let you know that my blog means a lot to me but at present I have  day of joy and enthusiasm but I seem unable to sustain it.
Knowing you can't keep a good man down I as you to bear with me until I'm back on top form. I know as a family we will get through and we will enter into a new and exciting era, but for now we have to get our heads down and keep our fingers crossed.