Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pin cushion Swap Parade.

Rachel & I are so impressed with all creative and fun pincushions that holding one pincushion parade won't be enough.

We are so glad you made it today and are joining on the fun!

We will host a selection of the handmade pincushions and needle cases made every Saturday until we have shared them all.After we will share our reflections and your thoughts so please feel free to comment!
We had a small issue with the 1st link part (it was free and they closed because they wanted to charge us, so if you don't mind we have opened a new one here and at Charlotte's blog.

This week the categories are showcasing are:

1.Brandi{Blog} Made a turtle and she used this free pattern.
2.Amanda{Blog} Made a peacock inspired by this tutorial.
3.Georgina{Blog} Made a cat.
4.Harinder{Blog} Made a lady bug.

5.Hayley{Blog}Made a turtle and octopus.
6.Louise{Blog}Made a peacock from Liberty Sewing Book.

7.Karen{Blog}Made a bear.
8.Jess. Made a bunny.

Rosemary. Made a swan.

11.Vimi. Made a cupcake
12..Jenny{Blog}Made a watermelon
13.Lisa{Blog}Made a strawberry
14.Katie{Blog}Made a strawberry

Don't miss next posts as we have a lot more pincushions to show you! We will have food, jubilee, patchwork, utilitarian, kits, squares, houses and more...

If your 'theme' is gone before you sent us a picture, don't worry, send us a photo!