Thursday, 14 June 2012

How to make a Jammie Dodgers and other cookies from felt.

This cute felt Jammie Dodger is a creation of Ouissi Gresty and was feature on Mollie Makes
Jammie Dodger and other felt biscuits. Photograph: Philip Sowels/Mollie Makes

What you need

Beige and red felt
Soft stuffing

Biscuit-coloured embroidery thread

Fine needle


What to do

1. Cut out your felt shapes using these templates. You can layer the red jam felt piece, the top of the biscuit, the 'splat' and the little round 'splash'.
2. Make sure the 'jam' fills the heart-shaped holes and that the splat and top holes line up. Pin the layers together.
3. Sew around the heart, making sure the stitches go through all layers.
4. Sew around the outer edges of the splat and the round splash piece.
5. Fold the long side piece in half lengthwise and sew down the centre.
6. Open out the two long edges to form the sides of the biscuit.
7. Pin one long edge of the side piece to the edge of the top of your biscuit.
8. Sew all the way around the top.
9. Stuff your biscuit, making sure you fill the edges and corners. Don't fill it so full that it bulges!
10. Pin the bottom piece to the bottom edge of the jammie dodger and sew.

Ouissi Gresty is the author of Felt Biscuits (How2Crafts, £6.95) and blogs at