Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pin Cushion Tutorial From Michael Ann.

                                                                                                                                              hey fellow crafters!                                                                                i'm michael ann from michael ann made where i share diy tutorials and projects to help us all become a little more crafty. for the month of may i'm running a series on becoming a more confident crafter with tips and ideas to encourage us all to try new things and practice our skills. i have been making things for literally as long as i can remember and just love the feeling of satisfaction in being able to give someone a handmade gift. i want to help everyone feel excited about making things themselves so i'd love to see you by my blog sometime and help you become more crafty! today i'm so excited to share with you a tutorial to make a wrist pin cushion. i love being able to have my pins easily accessible since i do a lot of clothes sewing, but a wrist pincushion is great for stitching while sitting on the couch too!                       Photobucket              materials you'll need - - scissors, needle, embroidery thread - elastic (even a spare hair tie would work) - pretty fabric - felt - stuffing fluffing - a little piece of cardboard (i ripped off a tab from a cereal box and it was the perfect size!) Photobucket                             cut the cardboard, felt and fabric, making each one a little bigger than the last. sew the fabric to the felt with a straight stitch using the embroidery thread only along three of the sides. then slide in the cardboard and fill it with fluff, and sew the last side shut. 



 just to add an extra bit of cuteness, i decided to cut a scalloped edge on the felt. pinking shears would look cute too, but i still need to buy some of those...                  measure out the elastic to fit comfortably on your wrist and then sew it on the back.

 then stick a couple pins in and you're ready to go! i am so happy with how cute it turned out considering it only took about an hour to make. now i'm ready for some marathon sewing! best of luck with all your pin cushion making and swapping and a big thanks to charlotte and rachel for having me! hope to see you all by the blog sometime for more crafting goodness!

 A Huge Thank you Michael Ann, we are so lucky to have such great inspiration that is willing to be shared and build this lovely sewing community, and making this swap such fun!