Monday, 14 May 2012

A perfect Mindful Denim Meringue Skirt

Yes Mindful sewing is in full swing! For those that don't know I started thing of my sewing in a mindful meditative kind of way, to try and stop rushing and making mistakes and causing stress.

 So feeling good and rather pleased I have the perfect denim skirt. We all need some staple clothes and this is great for that. Lets face it a denim skirt will go with every top and pair of shoes I own.

I have made some changes which I feel happy with, the fit around my waist feels snug, although I have noticed in the photo a little pull across the middle. Lets hope all the exercise I'm planning will stop that!

I also made up some pockets for the back, I had such a dilemma trying to work out whether to put on buttons, I thought plain was more versatile in the end.

The scalloped edges really benefit from taking time, I also did a little top stitch around the bottom.

Silly photo face!! But I just wanted to show the cute insides, fabric curtisy of Meg the Grand, thank you, as I think it's perfect!

So being my least liked pattern from the Colette book to my top skirt of the summer, what a turn around!!