Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Darling Mummy..........

So this is a blog about, yes my Mum! No sad tales either she's alive and well and still the inspiration of nearly everything I do. My Mum was used to make all her own clothing, then all of mine when I was young, even down to my school uniform. When I started to dress make it was my poor mother who got countless phone calls on " Help, how do you do that?" or "What does that mean?". We even got out all her old patterns including the dress pattern she wore on her first date at the village disco with my Dad.

At Christmas she bought me the Colette book and thought it so lovely she ended up with her own copy. Since then I'm pleased to say that I have been the inspiration to my Mum to restart sewing. We have had lots of fun pouring over patterns and fabrics, discussing finer points, even a good and honest measuring of each other!

When my Mum last came to visit me she bought along her first efforts in many years. Here she is :

                Isn't the dress great!  The neckline is so flattering, it's a great fit and a wonderful style on her. .                                          Look at the fabric close up, my Mum is so cool.

I'm so pleased my Mum has taken up sewing again. Although it has highlighted similarities and differences between us. She is a perfectionist who will go over and over the same point making it all right. Personally I'm a bit more slap dash and prone to impulses, maybe we could share our personalities out and both be perfect !!