Thursday, 19 April 2012

Journal of a novice cyclist

So my journal continues, somewhat slowly! What happened to my plans of cycling every week getting fitter slimmer, saving the planet from my car fumes?????

So first things first, every cyclist should stylish is my motto, and yes wearing self stitched goodies. I'm wear a handmade top, and trousers from a clothes swap. I must admit this isn't the most stylish as the weather was a bit grim.

So our ride this time takes us to North Devon to the Tarka Trail, a walking and cycling route that cover 30 miles ish, and is of course famous for the Tarka the otter tales and and Solomon the Salmon of which started there stories in Torrington which is along this trail.

Our destination was this wonderful stopping place called Orchard Yarde. They have made a rustic coffee shop, they also have the most wonderful camping area of three yurts and a camping barn. If you stay you usually get dinner by the fireside and often local musicians stop by for impromptu sessions.

I find this a wonderful place and have longed to stay over night, I'm planning a full cycle ride and stop over when the weather improves, so for today we had great coffee and hand made cakes in the homely but rustic shed.

                                                            Then the 8 mile cycle home.

I can not tell you how much I love this place, I'm sure I will bore the pants off you with more tales from Orchard Yarde.