Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A pair of very cool slacks, AKA very comfortable trousers!

This year I've certainly not been driving through the pattern pile or fabric stash, in fact with a little mindful sewing it will all be looking a little better but going a little slower! It makes it rather special then when do do finish a new wearable something.

So I've gone all American and have a pair of slacks, AKA very comfortable trousers. And on the whole they are pretty darn good to wear and to make. Using this pattern :

Although this was an easy pattern by it's own statement, I thought it had some lovely features, and then, yes it was very easy, in fact a joy to make up.

I did have the most lovely thick double knit jersey, which means it held together when sewing and continues to hold it's shape when wearing. My only down point was although I knew they where baggy, they where more so then I realised, but after a days wearing I do still feel OK in them. A highlight for me is completely getting pockets now and they look amazing, which always helps with sewing confidence for the next project.

I hope you all had a great Easter, I'm now thankful that these trousers are elasticated at the back having had the biggest tea party ever!! Oh and these will be the best wearable kind of clothes for MMM12 and my own sewing ambition of Sew Active.