Thursday, 29 March 2012

OWOP, day five. The truth about my sewing.

Ther will be no wearing shots today as I prppose to tell you the horrid truth about my sewing. The photo you get is this

A sad tale can only follow. As I mentioned yesterday I start to rush the closer I get to a finished product. The result it short cuts that don't work and having to redo even quicker, what I', racing for is a mystery. Today's end result though ended up in  ruining my top. I am truly saddened by this as I just loved the fabric and print.

I would like to tell you the truth even further, many of the items I wear have little faults  such as hems falling, a hole where I have sniped a bit of fabric, bias binding that hasn't taken. All in all it has opened my eyes to my shoddyness!

What I propose to do is to become more mindful in my sewing approach. I intend to use my yogi and meditation principles into my sewing. This I will know will be a hard task but the end result is this. Better garmets, made with more love, a reminder as to why I sew rather than the personal manic stage I find myself in. So I have put together a little picture for the side of my blog. As I post I will see it and I will know if I have worked mindfully.

You may also use the picture on your own blog should you wish.