Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Celebrating our hands.

I just love yoga. I go to a class each week and try to practise at least three more times at home, I usually only manage once or twice more, but it's nice to aim high. Now the weather is improving practise can be taken outside, yay!

OPOW day three.

Todays effort was once a bed sheet, lovely soft falnnette. I have made a long sleeve top with this fabric asnd I just loved it so a summer version was needed! It is so easy to sew and I had loys of purple binding that I got from a charity shop.

Although it ended up being the sunnyest day of the year we actually started with a frost, so I popped a layer on underneath. We also have a change in clocks and I have been struggling in the morning, so lots of coffee!

I has a sort outof shoes and found these, hardly worn! It's like getting something for nothing, love it.

How is your OPOW going?