Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring/ Summer planning.

So spring is in the air, and a little planning for the summery months is on the agenda. Shamefully I did buy a pile of sale patterns as well as dusting down the old ones too.

Not that I'm planning to make all these, but a little inspiration warms the heart!

To help I have been very lucky to have a trip to London with my Mum and sister.  We had such a great day, we went to Gold Hawk Road for some serious fabric shopping! To keep my inspiration fresh in my mind I did a very geeky act of photo copying the most important patterns and writing the amount of fabric needed for each item.

The geeky act really paid off, I got four lots of jersey

Two sheer fabrics, one for the Taffy blouse.

This lovely cotton, enough for two dresses!

And finally this wonderful printed linen and the only silly buy of the day was the denim. I think the trousers I had in mind where stretchy fabric which this isn't, maybe a light jacket?

So I would say there is a big plan going on for the up and coming months. I do love a to do list!!