Friday, 9 March 2012

Celebrating our hands 9/31

Today my offering for celebrating our hands (along with Josie ). I have been making a corset and the final sewing by hand I wanted to capture. I placed the camera on my lap and carried on sewing. I asked Arthur 2 1/2 to press the button. Didn't he do well!

Oh la la, how I'm coming along...........

I have taken a leap in my own sewing faith and joined the oh la la sew along with Ana (a absolute undies expert) from . So before showing you how my corset is coming along I feel that I should really sing the praises of this sew along, it has all the ingredients that make me able to join and feel like I'm actually doing OK rather than always having to catch up. So the pace of the sew along has been gentle which I'm truly thankful for, also Anna has put together little sewing details to improve our corset. Of which I have done none as I have kept mine very simple and fresh using a white and light blue cotton, which infact was a duvet cover (another refashion I think!) So Thank you Ana I am really enjoying myself, learning new skills and celebrating those curves!

So here we are I finished my corset last night. As ever you learn so much doing something like this for the first time, so it's not perfect and I know how to change things for the future. I really do think I would make another.

I really got into taking photos of all those curves although Bridget doesn't have the same feel as a real body with all its squidgy bits. So I would like to show you just one photo that hopefully shows how we as real people fill our corsets and all the fabric smooths out in the right places.