Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Celebrating our hands 7/31.

More celebrating! Today I continue the theme of Arthurs little hands. I wanted to get his little fingers gripping toy blocks but he moves to fast. So today I have a collection of photos!

thankyou to Josie from for hosting this I am really enjoying myself.

It wasn't a straw that broke the camels back!

No it wasn't a straw that broke the camels back it was a knitting needle! I have been working on my first ever follow a pattern item of clothing. Knitting doesn't come easily and I have really wanted to improve, master  it, at least make one thing wearable that wasn't a square. I finished my waistcoat to find one side is longer than the other and that I could have made it several sizes smaller.

Why did it break the camels back, well I'm not one for a big moan I like to try to stay positive but sometimes it's hard. After all the effort! This has also been a realisation of how I push myself to do so so much, this was it. I had a little cry to MrPB who works away from home at the moment.

It's such a shame, such lovely knitting,such lovely colours!

I woke up thinking that I may improve the situation, a belt generally cures all ills!

It's ok, I suppose, I feel like a medieval man done up like a sack of potatoes!!

Lets hope some rest and maybe a make that is more successful may cheer me up.