Monday, 27 February 2012

Oh la la Muslin.

The pattern for the french corset/ garter belt came emailed as a pdf, this was a whole new concept for me and it took time! Really it should have taken two minutes, but I got there in the end. So the real fun starts with making of the muslin, which was great because all the pattern peacies are so small, it took no time.

I think the muslin fabric is a little flimsy and I hope the fabric for the proper corset will hold its shape better and I will feel more secure in my most wobbly area, shown above ;-)

So as the whole world can see, it's not a perfect fit first time! With the floppy top I started to get a bit confused on how high or low I should be wearing a corset?
I basically reminded myself of my shape = no curves at the top, which I changed the pattern by having straight sewing lines instead of the beautiful curve! 

But look, it was worth it, a much better fit!

The sew along itself has been a great source of information for techniques and a real step by step instructions, I'm really enjoying it. I can not wait to start on the real thing!