Friday, 20 January 2012

Sew Colette : Meringue Muslin

I thought I would use a up a sheet for my muslin and also make a real effort so it would become a wearable muslin. It's not to bad really, considering this is my worst type of thing to make due to make. I have a pot belly so my waist size is way bigger than my hips using the Colette sizing this would be waist size 14 to hips size 4, so a  little adjusting was needed. I did get a bit confused over pivot points etc but went for a free hand adjustment in the end.

I didn't have a zip let alone an invisible one, but I rip one from a skirt awaiting the quilting pile!

I'm quiet happy with the fit as it's supposed to be below the natural waist, so I was planning near my belly button which seems to work. I really like the waist band version but I was time conscious and didn't want to have to go through tutorials.

The hardest part was defiantly the scalloped hem. The joining bit between each scallop could be more precise.

I worked harder on the pleats tieing the ends off. I used more pins to keep everything in line. I should have used the iron more. And finally I plan to get a better zip.

As this is a wearable muslin I am planning to do just that! So I am not making up the skirt again in a hurry although I do have fabric waiting in the wings. This is mainly because I want to see if I like to wear it and how it wears throughout the day.

So how's the Colette Sew along going for you?