Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gifts Glore!

As a child I have always made Christmas presents, over the recent years though I have really started to take this task seriously. So as I have shown you already I have been making padded hangers, his and her style, I have completed four more, the stash has nearly finished.
I have also finished the scarf I have been knitting for my Dad. It's moss stitch which I think I'm in love with.

I have also finished drying the felted ball I have made for Arthur's stocking. This is so cute and they are so so easy to make. They also look good with a few beads and a thread and Bobs your Uncle you have hanging Christmas balls. A few of us made these at the mother and baby group I run.

And finally, I know you will all love this! Taken from Petra Berger's Feltcraft, making doll, gifts and toys, book I have made another stocking filler. Gnome with a bed.

This gnome fits in perfectly with the craft book challenge I have only stumbled across this recently, which is sad because it is now coming to an end, but I feel pleased to have sneaked in a couple of entrys.

But finally all of these gifts become apart of my Crafty Christmas Stash

So Christmas is coming along nicely thank you, how about you?