Sunday, 30 October 2011

First Burda Style for me.

As I may have mentioned ( a hundred times at least) I am the proud owner of Burda Style, the edition for Oct was made for me I am sure. I loved nearly everything and made a list as long as my arm of all those lovelies I plan to make over the season. I planned to make a smart pair of trousers first but I had to put them aside so I could make up a shirt with some lovely autumn floral all in time for next weeks Sew Weekly challenge, which is orange.
So here it is, a close up of the fabric first. I love it, so cute, a new experience wearing such a busy small print.

Some really lovely details to make up the relatively easy shirt, firstly the tie is attached to the collar.

There is also a couple of pleats at the front. There were supposed to be cuffs but I'm not to keen so I didn't bother making them up.

Final picture looks a bit creased but we were on a walk which had finally stopped raining, so I whipped my waterproofs off and got Mr PB to take some snaps!! I feel like the top is a success but there is alot of space at the back and top near the arms. Maybe a few adjustments to make it perfect, although keeping it slightly larger means its comfortable with a long sleeve T. shirt underneath.

Overall I am pleased with the Burda, although it was a challenge finding all the correct pattern peaces!