Saturday, 10 September 2011

DRESSMAKING Autumn.......

There is alot of change in the air, yes it's autumn!!! Can you tell I'm excited, I feel autumn gives me a really big handful of energy, I love it.
Trying to hold back the enthusiasm I have been considering my autumn/winter wardrobe carefully. Trying to acknowledge what my wearing patterns are like through the cooler months. Also working with what I already have. Being mindful.......
So I know that I already have a pair of cords, and jeans and yoga pants that I love to wear ALOT! So I feel that my plan for the winter should be what I need as I need it (remembering my over all aim is to have a waldrobe of clothes I have made myself). Therefore I think I will need tops, I'm thinking about 4 and these are patterns I already have and like.

Ok a little confession, I really like that jumpsuit too!

AS I've mentioned before I also have the Burda magazine to inspire me as I go along, in fact the Sept issue has a lovely cape, short trousers and wonderful coat. I may not need or get round to any of these but having them in my stash makes me a happier person.
Continuing on being mindful I know that through the season I will want something nice for Christmas, and I always have has a love for suit trousers, so I have a pattern that I aspire to..

Isn't it just wonderful!
Well happy autumn and happy planning, I know my to do list change like the colour on the leaves !