Thursday, 25 August 2011

Molly Makes Magazine.

I'm guessing that you have noticed something about me recently, yes I've got a bit addicted to magazines. I think they are great, I don't have time to read huge sections of my book until bed time, so I feel a good magazine does the trick! I can flick read something interesting and look at inspiring pictures. Well here is a new one, Molly Makes, it has only just started with issue no.4 only just out. For me I have considered this somewhat of an indulgence as it costs a whopping £5, but then I looked at a few other mags I have and it's no far off the average.
Once you get your first copy I know you will be hooked, I am. If you like vintage, making and collecting then you will find something in here for you. There are interviews with textile designers, book reviews and diary of event, and loads and loads of inspiring photos, I personally think this is what makes MM such a success.I have been into the fact it is really interactive to with it's own facebook page.
It's full of inspiration, of things I will never get round to doing but I sit and read and it fills me with "ooooooh " and "aaaaaarh"