Saturday, 30 April 2011

DRESSMAKING sister of the bride project is a disaster !

Some of you maybe aware that I set myself a challenge of making a special dress for myself when attending my youngest sisters wedding. I started with high hopes and dreams that other guests would be commenting "wow, you made that yourself!" It all started well, a seemly easy ish pattern with some beautiful fabric.

So the project began, my husband kindly took our son out so I could have the house to myself, in my excitement I put on some rousing loud music and started cutting the pattern. Mistake no. 1. I I had to tape bits of it back together and turn the music off! From very early on though it was obvious that it was not going well. The little ruffled bit in the middle didn't really ruffle very well.

That band doesn't fit with any other piece, and the skirt just wasn't going to fit properly with that weird looking top half.

Then look at the back, even with a zip in it was never going to join together! And all that extra skirt fabric, what was I going to do with that? So yes a total disaster. Dress is scrapped!

I felt somewhat sad, until I noticed that the fabric is so lovely and I was sure I could do something to make it into a pretty skirt maybe? Being inspired by Meg the Grand and her 80s refashion I am sure I could have a go. Plus what  a great opportunity to use my two new books that I have just purchased.

I still adore the fabric, I am going to put it aside for a little while and make plans for a pretty skirt instead. But what do do for an outfit for the wedding?