Friday, 22 April 2011

DRESSMAKING Gertie's gathered skirt & sew weekly gifts.

Some of the community of the Sew Weekly have been exchanging envelopes of goodies. Inspired by Mena and the travelling lace, where she has sent out lace to other dressmakers, and they in turn have been making something in their own style. Kat from New Zealand put together a group of us who made secret parcels and have sent them all around the world.
My envelope was from Charlotte Tilly. Everything in it was lovely, she must have known my favourite colour is green and that I'm not a very Lacy fluffy person, it was all perfect, including the chocolate!

I have in fact been a friend of Charlotte's since I first joined Sew Weekly and wanted to make something fitting ( ha ha), or something Charlotte would be proud of. My first thoughts were of the Gertie's gathered skirt ( Charlotte herself has made one), if it was made in white I could use all trimmings and buttons and flowery pockets too. As it was I really had fallen in love with the white with flowers fabric from my stash cost of £1, so I stuck to the plan but couldn't add the pockets as the fabrics just didn't match. My sewing was a bit slap dash as I wasn't using a proper pattern so also chose not to put a button on the back as it would draw attention to my bad sewing.!!

So thank you Charlotte, my skirt is not perfect but it's all a learning curve, but I do LOVE my skirt !!