Friday, 8 April 2011

BLOG AWARD, good news

How amazing this morning the lovely Mimi has sent me some fantastic news. Mimi has put my blog forward as one of those that is recognised for their hard work although they are small with few followers, less than 300 (in my case very few, less than 10). Thank you Mimi I really appreciate this, I love sharing on my blog and hope others enjoy it too.
To spread the support of smaller blogs and maybe gain a few more followers I now in turn will name a few blogs that I enjoy. If you are named please post on your blog and link back to the giver (me) and name some other blogs that that will enjoy the Leibster award.

The blogs I would like to nominate for the Leibster award are :
1. My lovely sew weekly friend Debbie from her blogspot is Finding my way.....  
2. A blog I am totally hooked on, lovely Stevie from Beebee's vintage dress
 3. Vicki who's blog I have only just found,  she has a her fab skirt featured with Burda! find her at Another sewing Scientist
4. I know she has also been named before but Charlotte a lovely lady from Sew weekly has started Hearts cottage, vintage dress.

As I know I am challenged greatly when using the computer I would also like to say that to follow the link back you will have to click on the button on the left hand side labeled award recieved. Also I am not very good at this link stuff,so the four I have nominated  can be acessed  from my blog list. Thankyou for being patient with me!!

Finally well done everyone with a Liebster Award !!