Wednesday, 6 April 2011

DRESSMAKING plans for the spring/ summer.

I am a girl who likes a good plan, and a long list of things to do! So with my fabric stash building up I thought how organised I would be with a planned wardrobe for the summer. First up is my sudden love of shirt dresses, I seem to have one for every occasion here!I am hoping to take part in the Sewing Through the Decades, I feel this will be just the job!!
Secondly is my top pattern. I know as usual the cover isn't that inspiring but I have already made the trousers (super comfy look good dressed up or down with pumps), also made the dress and one of the tops. It's my pattern to go!

Well this is the basics, I know a few extras will sneak in like the the outfit I'm planning for my sisters wedding or a good summer party dress.
Happy sewing, do you have any plans?