Monday 21 March 2016

When things go wrong, and so much more.

Well what a week! For some moments of it I have been loving the full surge of spring, with all the inspiration and energy to start putting plans into place. Oh but then put on the breaks!!!! Yep feels like winter is back this weekend and down goes the energy, and a few disasters.

So starting with disasters first....Remember this

Yep #vintagepledge2016 the 80's never looked so cool. But sadly I am not so skilled at using my overlocker and many many wrong turns (or the fact that I am unable to make turns any other direction than a straight line) meant I ended up with this no sleeve, no hems, really poor top that I will never wear! It has made me slightly afraid of my over locker and returning to my sewing machine felt so lovely and secure, I never want to let it go! 

Trying to look on the bright side, this pattern does have some lovely features and should I brave enough to try again it will be because of the nice neck line a fastening at the back.

The other disasters, include vintage cake stands. I'm really upset by this one. I have collected glasses and plates luckily all of 10p each item, ready to stack BUT  the flippin glue, special really strong suitable for glass and china glue went green. This green look just makes it look moldy and so now I have 3 useless cake stands. Not impressed!

On the plus side though I have had a few lovely days, a sneaky day out with MrPB to Totnes, such a lovely town and Fridays is market day. We had such a great time and I wore my Phoebe dress!

I got lucky in a charity shop and found these two patterns, maybe the vintage pledge can have a new offering!

Sunday bought the first day of spring and it is cold! We still went for a great walk, getting a good move on trying to catch up with Arthur on his bike.

Other lovely things include buying a chair with plans to upcycle (oneday), starting a new pair of leg warmers and watching a great film, and wow it is based on a real story, and I am in love with Matthias Schoenaerts forever (also in Far from the madding crowd) Wendy from The Butterfly Balcony I thought of you! I'm such a sucker for a love story, but the clothes had me captivated too.

Before I swoon all to much here is my chair...
Any ideas to help with up cycling? I thought maybe patchwork which I can slowly add to.

And so my lovely ones, I hope you have had a good week and that the promise of spring is true!


  1. I'm sorry your top and cake stand didn't work out - how frustrating! Your photos of your day in Totnes and spring-time walk look lovely though! I read the book of Suite Francaise which I thought was great but I'd forgotten about the film, I'll need to check Netflix for that. I saw lots of beautiful pink cherry blossom on my way to work today, here's hoping the weather starts to warm up soon too!

  2. Aww, too bad about the top and the cake stands. I love your dress though, and yay for the vintage patterns and those pretty buttons! 😊

  3. Agh thats a shame about the cake stand and the top, I have the same problem with my overlocker I still haven't quite mastered a curve! Totnes looks like wonderful fun, especially in the spring sunshine! I honestly think you might be psychic as I watched Suite Francaise on Saturday and fell in love with it, how dishy is Matthias Schoenaerts! That chair would look just fabulous with a patchwork finish! I hope you enjoy the easter break xx