Monday 15 February 2016

2016 making list for myself

I thought I would try to plan a realistic list that would be true to what I actually need. I thought the best way to learn more about myself would be to follow the Wardrobe Architect by Colette as many others had felt it to be beneficial.What I actually found was I already know myself and the enjoyment I get from sewing is the change to break the mold be more creative, so I didn't continue with the project.

My list is fairly straight forward, although I know I will spend less and less time making things in the summer months. Also very important to me is that I love my jeans and if I can get clothing to mix and match then I would be onto a winner, therefore sewing tops will be the thing for 2016.

Hot on the list for this year will be :

 This is a lovely free pattern, long been on my wish list

Having seen so many versions of this I feel it will suit my style

 This is perfect for improving the knit sewing and great vintage

I love the Japanese sewing books and having narrowed down only one top for now.

A great little top from the Guthrie selection, I'm lucky enough to have a free pattern from a sewing magazine

Again Tillys blouse has been on the waiting list for what could be years now!

Another free pattern, I actually have this from one of the Sewing Bee books. A long list there is always a endless supply of inspiration! Of course I want to make a whole pile of summer dresses, shorts and light weight trousers but I could just bore you to tears.The is always the fact that the to do list will always change, but I think these work well for me.


  1. These are all lovely patterns, though I can't get that top one to link to anything? I love that vintage pattern! I like that sewing encourages you to break the mold a bit, I think I tend to be a bit too safe with my choices a lot of the time. I definitely get most wear out of the tops I make, though I'd love to have a go at making trousers/jeans to go with them too! Good luck with your plans!

    1. Thanks for you support Kathryn. It is just a picture but its pinned on my board I want to make one. I like to think nothing in the sewing world is off limits, I may have to build my skills or have something for a special occasion but I don't want to be just one type of sewer! Although in tuth we do gravitate toward certain styles, sewing enables me to give something a go that may not have otherwise.

  2. This is a great list! I like all of your choices and am excited to see your finished shirts! :)

    1. Thank you, although I am looking forward to making these I actually have Phoebe dresses on the go!
      That's for stopping by. X